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How does 3D hologram Fan Work?

How does 3D hologram Fan Work?

How does 3D hologram Fan Work?

One of the most cost-effective display solutions for creating a holographic appearance is the 3D Hologram Projector Fan Display. The Hologram LED Fan is the ideal solution for creating the illusion of a hologram floating in the air. The Holographic Fan’s setup and installation are relatively simple.

If you’re trying to attract customers, the first step is getting their attention. And a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. A visual display can get people’s attention in a way a simply worded sign could never do. But why settle for an ordinary flat image when you can catch people’s eye with something extraordinary? A 3D hologram is so eye-catching that people can’t help but look. Add some motion or a short video, and you’re bound to get people’s attention.
This is one of the simplest displays to set up and use. Changing the video content is a breeze; simply insert the micro-SD card into the slot and you’re good to go. The Holographic LED Fan is a plug-and-play display that can be seen in all lighting conditions.

How does 3D hologram Fan Work?This 3d hologram fan generator can be observed in daylight or at night because of its brightness. It can be mounted on a wall or pole with or without an acrylic cover. With a weight of about 2.5 kg, the Real 3D Hologram Projector LED Fan is easy to move.

You may build an astounding holographic effect by connecting and synchronizing many devices, and it can be as enormous as you want or need it to be. To prevent curious people from touching the Holographic Fan Led, we strongly advise installing it at least 2.5 meters high or at a significant distance. The remote control is used to control this holographic display, allowing you to stay at a safe distance and avoid any damage. The incredible illusion created by this Hologram Fan is created by a high-speed spinning LED light bar, which renders the hardware structure virtually undetectable while creating a floating video with a 3D impression.

We are selling 3D Hologram Fan from 42cm to a giant 180cm.

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