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difference between a Commercial Display and a TV

commercial lcd & tv

Televisions and Commercial Display may look the same…but there is more than the price that separates the two.

When comparing the two, there is more functionality in television than a commercial display. We like to use the analogy of a TV as a complete system in one little package. A Commercial Display is a part of a more extensive system.

Televisions are designed for just that, viewing TV, so you can unbox them, plug them in, and start watching Blu-ray or streaming services.

Commercial displays are built more for an office/business setting where environments may be diverse. Like, higher temperatures in a kitchen or loading docks. Greater exposure to dust or grease, etc. Examples of use are, lobby areas or waiting rooms, digital signage, way-finding kiosk, menu boards in restaurants, and large conference rooms.

Display Brightness

Many of the newer TV’s have settings for different viewings, like theater, sports, etc., but the brightness on a TV will dim over time. Commerical displays will not dim, in fact, they are designed to stay as bright in full daylight as they are in the dark with auto-adjust sensors.

Write this down.

Have you ever been in a meeting and needed to make a note of something said or shared? New boards being installed in conference rooms allow note-taking and overlay features of a presentation. Thus, eliminating the need for people’s heads to be looking down, taking notes, instead of looking at the display.

Do fewer functions mean a lower cost product?

Comparative costs of the same size TV and Commercial Display is typically 50%, even 100% higher in a commercial display.

Why? If Television has more functionality, why would it cost less? The reason? Features don’t equate to quality and the expected operating hours of each.

The design of a Television is for viewing hours of approximately 4 hours per day, whereas some Commercial Displays are designed to run 24/7/365. The quality of components commercial screens need is significantly higher than TV.

tv & commercial tv


4 Hours (Avg Viewing/Per Day)

Viewing TV

Screen Burn

1 year warranty


Brightness up to 250 Nits

Not brighter in daylight

Price between $250 – $9,000

Commercial Display


Viewing Created Content

No Screen Burn

3 year warranty

On-site service

Brightness up to 2000 Nits

Brighter in daylight

Price between $500 – $20,000

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