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5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from an Interactive Flat Panel Display.

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From the standard oversized paper tablets that are placed on easels, to markers and whiteboards, to sharing on screens the method of group presentations hasn’t changed much in the past few years. Although big screens are great for GoTo meetings are a good idea, based on the purpose and size of the group however, they’re not always the ideal solution.

Get yourself a digital, interactive whiteboard with new features and design that lets you to do much more than simply write down your points that you’re trying to convey. Smartboard technology is revolutionizing how people organize the presentation and meetings. This is the case in every industry from healthcare to education manufacturing, banking to manufacturing and retail, to government and much more.

The smart boards come packed with incredible features that can transform your next company event or presentations.

1. Meetings turn into collaborative

Don’t be a victim of PowerPoint or writing notes or diagrams on paper during a single-sided discussion. The interactive flat panel display ensures that anyone who is present–whether in person or online–is able to fully participate in the presentation via their own device or via a built-in access feature.

Participants can share their files and edit them directly in real-time which gives your meetings an informal, more interactive experience. The same goes for editing access. you can restrict access to editing to certain users, so that your group presentation doesn’t go overboard.

2. Remote attendees are welcomed to the meeting

The dramatic work-from-home shift that COVID-19 brought about led to a rise in need for remote access to conferences and shows the beginnings of becoming the norm. Interactive whiteboards are ideal to engage people working at home, or across the world.

With an interactive smart board participants who are logging in remotely are able to share documents with all of the attendees as well as show the screen you’re showing to those who are meeting at their own end.

When the meeting is over at the end of the meeting, you can print, email, and then discuss the entire discussion.

3. Annotate Documents and Much More

A well-organized presentation will highlight specific aspects of subjects being discussed and ideas often pop out of the blue. A smart board allows for an discussion of ideas, with exciting possibilities like:


    • making notes directly by hand on the board, by any participants, and automatic transcription into an appropriate handwritten font
    • Highlighting and editing certain phrases
    • Image-to-text conversion
    • sketching concepts on the spot to allow for instant visualisation and discussion


4. Connect to all within the space                                                                                

When you install the appropriate app on your mobile tablet or phone and tablet, you’ll be able to join the whiteboard interactively through WiFi. From there, you are able to download the documents and modify them, as well as draw or annotate and manage how the meeting directly from your phone. These apps work for the two platforms, Android and iOS which allows for your participation in the meeting.

5. No more dry erasers

When you have an interactive whiteboard you don’t need for a marker. Instead, you can draw using the drawing tools, or your smartphone app to create annotations. Smart boards can also be used using hand gestures that are touchscreen-based.

Technology has revolutionized how and where meetings can occur, while the necessity of keeping disparate teams connected via interactions and exchange of knowledge and ideas has never been more vital. Smart boards that are interactive give us the benefits of working in the real world and on the internet. Schedule a demo and find out how an Interactive Flat Panel Display can aid your company!


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